Designer Lolli™ offers a wide variety of graphic options for our clients. Your imagination is literally the limit! Because it may become easy to be overwhelmed at the array of choices available to you, we have greatly simplified the process by creating collections of popular preset designs which we have listed in our promotional catalog. Since we are also able to customize the needs of our clients, using your personalized graphics is our specialty. Corporate Logos or other custom images will make your lollipops unique and highly desirable to your recipients – even collectable!

Catalog Images (Preset Designs):  Minimum orders will include one image set. This may include one or multiple graphics, depending on the set. Qualified orders may include multiple sets at no extra cost (read next for details).

Multiple Sets of Catalog Images:  You may mix and match any of our catalog lollipops, but we require a minimum quantity of [2,000] per set (with a 2,000 quantity minimum order).

Please note that preset image sets may change without notice. However, similar designs will be made available upon request for custom orders.

Custom Logo or Image*: Minimum orders include one free image of your choice*, each additional image will be charged a one-time $50 processing fee. To use your image, we will simply need a digital copy of your image, in a .jpg or .png format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (best resolution for printing). Copyright and licensing laws will apply. Keep in mind that your graphic will be centered and cut into a circle, so please allow space for this in your image. Your image colors will be printed in CMYK colors [standard printing colors]. We are unable to match Pantone colors at this time (this means the colors you will see for the digital demo on your computer may vary in shade from the true colors you will see in your lollipops). All images will be edited and completed by our image design department, (including a mock image lollipop, which will also vary slightly from the actual product – there is nothing to duplicate the amazing beauty of the finished creation). Then it will be submitted for your final approval before printing. Once it is approved, we will begin production. Once we are in production, changes cannot be made.

* Designer Lolli™ reserves the right to reject any image we deem inappropriate at our discretion. Designer Lolli™ also reserves the right to refuse service to any company who does not abide by our decisions.

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