What makes Designer Lolli™ lollipops literally stand out from a normal everyday lollipop? Our three dimensional design process is not only highly customizable, we are also able to process extremely large orders with our specialized equipment. Our “Lollies” are beautiful, long lasting, fully edible and delicious mini works of art. Warning: Your recipients may actually be more tempted to keep and/or collect them rather than eat them, which is great because they have an amazing shelf life (see below). However, in the event they actually consume them, we have also made them extra long-lasting and great tasting. They are extremely fun and a unique and a great conversation piece – the image will even shrink along with the Lolli as it is consumed!

Here are some more details about Designer Lolli™ lollipops:

Size: The diameter of our lollipops are 1.18″ and circumference is 3.7″ (the size of most normal lollipops). The length including the stick is (unpackaged) is 4.5″ and (packaged) is 5.75″. Because our lollies last so long, we have opted to use plastic sticks instead of the regular paper ones so the paper doesn’t unravel before they are able to be finished . Only the highest quality for Designer Lolli™!

Packaging: We cringe at the thought of doing anything that would distort our incredible edible images – and we found that twisting a clear plastic wrap around the lolli also “twisted” the look of the design, so we created custom clam-shell packaging for these little beauties to allow them to display their 3D images properly. Packaging will be labeled for retail orders,  including a list of ingredients and other important information.

Ingredients: Our lollipops are completely edible  with no added sugar. They are made with Isomaltitol, which has a naturally pleasing sweetness (great for those with dental concerns or Diabetes). Our colors and flavors are artificial. The back side of the lollipops are available in white only at this time (other backdrop colors will be available soon). They are all crystal clear in the front to show and magnify the image.

Flavor: Designer Lolli™ has created a delicious signature flavor for its lollipops, we call it “Kist Berry”. This is so you can focus your efforts on the design of your order and not have to worry about deciding on any particular taste. However, your order is highly customizable and if you wish for a particular flavor of lollipop, our distributor will be happy to discuss your needs (surcharges will apply).

Shelf Life: Our designer lollipops have a minimum shelf life of 12 months, probably longer in low humidity. This makes them highly desirable for retail sales and also makes them collectable for consumers.


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